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Kamamalahoe Canoe Club

About Us

Ka Mamala Hoe Canoe Club, based out of Keehi Lagoon was established 14 years ago as a community based outrigger paddling club by Scott Thompson and Russell Swaney. A 501c was created for the club in 2007 and is run by a board of directors. The clubs mission is to be of service to the community, celebrate and support family, and perpetuate culture.

  • Be of Service to the Community
  • To Celebrate Family
  • To Perpetuate Our Culture


Malama Na Koa Wounded Warrior Bootcamp Challenge Fundraiser


Adult Paddling training and competition preperation


We proudly support and welcome wounded and injured Soldiers and Verterans of all branches of services who have transitioned out of the Military.


KaMamalahoe Canoe Club and Foundation offers a comprehensive bystander CPR and AED training and certification program. Training sessions are 2 hours duration.

Code of Conduct

Mamalahoe – Law of the Splintered Paddle

Guaranteed the safety of the highways to all, be they men, women, children, sick, or aged.

We take this law to heart in the club, in that we feel that our club is a safe and nurturing place for all who want to paddle and everyone is welcome.

We also want to perpetuate the club in living by some simple principles.

Imi`ike – to seek knowledge
Pono – to be moral and proper
Malama – to care for each other
Laulima – to work cooperatively
Lokomaika`i – to share
Ha`aha`a – to be humble
Na`au pono – to possess a deep sense of justice

If we take these principles and incorporate them into our everyday lives, we can then look at ourselves and say that we live as Hawaiians.

As a member of Ka Mamalahoe Canoe Club, I promise to live up to these principles and perpetuate them to the best of my abilities.

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41-052 HIHIMANU ST.,

Phone: +1808-224-2149