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What We Do

We proudly support and welcome wounded and injured Soldiers and Verterans of all branches of services who have transitioned out of the Military.

From 2005 the club partnered with Aka Hemming’s to develop an adaptive sports program on the island of Oahu. As awareness of the adaptive sports program spread the club was approached in 2013 by the Hawaii Warriors in Transition Battalion to assist in providing injured military members with an activity that would assist in the therapeutic and rehabilitative efforts of the members current treatment plan. In the three years since partnering with the Hawaii Warriors in Transition Battalion the club has been able to provide year round adaptive paddling activities for approximately 100 military members per year. In 2014 the club looked to expand the program to disable veterans and partnered withthe Wounded Warrior Project. Wounded Warrior project meets their outreach goals to work with disabled veterans within the Hawaiian Islands.

Malama Na Koa - Wounded Warrior Program

Malama Na Koa proudly supports and welcomes our nation's wounded, injured, and ill Soldiers and Veterans from all branches of the Military through our Malama Na Koa - Wounded Warrior paddling program. We support Warrior Transition Battalion's adaptive reconditioning program which is proven to have positive and lasting effects on recovering Service Members physical and emotional well-being. We instruct participants in paddling outrigger canoes while taking in consideration of their injuries or conditions.

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